How to Use a Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner

Instructions for using the Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine.

Vacuum your carpet before using the machine. To begin, mix the Rug Doctor carpet cleaning solution with hot tap water. For strong odours add Rug Doctor Odour remover in with your carpet cleaner solution. You can find the mixing ratio on the reverse of the product bottles. Operating instructions are located on the machine handle. Also, refer to caution notice.

Remove the white tank by pulling down the restraining wire. Then, lifting the clear dome up, remove the white tank by pulling it towards you. Pour your cleaning mixture into the lower red tank through the mesh filter up to the red indicator line. Then replace the white tank and pull the restraining wire back over the clear dome.

Plug power cord in and position machine at the end of the room, you’d like to start cleaning. Adjust the handle for a comfortable position by pulling the release lever located under the handle.

Refer to the label on top of the machine and turn the machine on for carpet cleaning. Push down the red spray button located on top of the handle or underneath the handle as you start walking backwards to activate the spray and vibrating brushes. A good pace to go is around one step per second.

Release the red button two steps before the end of your cleaning strip to ensure all water is extracted up off your carpet. Be sure to overlap slightly on your previous cleaning strip for even cleaning.

Once you no longer see water entering the clear dome, this means you will need to refill the red tank and empty the dirty wastewater from the white tank. Let the machine run for approximately 15 seconds before turning the machine off.

If you have any cleaning solution left and the lower red tank when you have finished or cleaning, this can be emptied by taking the machine outside and switching it to hand tool on. Note, the machine needs to be plugged into power. Any remaining fluid will drain out underneath the machine. Once the water stops running out, turn the machine off. Alternatively, unplug the machine, remove the white bucket and tip the machine forward and upside down.

For how to clean the machine to ensure your bond is returned. Please refer to the cleaning instructions video.

Drying time can take anything from two hours up to a full day dependant on the time of year. Weather and temperature, good ventilation will help, and during the colder months, a heat pump or dehumidifier can be used to speed up the drying process

Video shortcuts:

0:03 – Vacuum your carpet
0:08 – Mixing Rug Doctor solution with hot tap water
0:22 – Operating instructions located on machine handle
0:28 – How to remove the white waste tank

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